Our People

Paul  Seaman

Founder and Chairman

Paul, the founder and current chairman of Paul’s Tires, has been in the tire business for over 55 years! He founded Paul’s Tires to give customers the most economical tires with the highest caliber service and those values continue to pave the way for Paul’s Tires today. He loves to spark up conversation with customers and will talk about anything from sports, politics, food, or tires.

Ian  Seaman


Ian has been in the tire selling business for over 25 years. Following in the footsteps of his father, Paul, Ian has unmatched service in selling new and used tires as well as giving expert advice in choosing the exact tire to match your needs! When not at work, Ian can be found cheering on the Heat, Dolphins, Marlins, Panthers, and the Hurricanes or playing pinball with his friends.


Tire Specialist

Ray, Paul’s Tires most senior team member, has spent over 15 years committed to helping customers find the perfect tire at the perfect price. During his free time, Ray enjoys watching boxing and UFC fights. Ray also makes the finest espresso in town for the work place. Don’t be shy, he’ll happily make you some of his award-winning Cuban coffee.


Tire Specialist

Orestes has spent the past five years working at Paul’s Tires giving the best service and deals around town. In addition to having a passion for tires, particularly Goodyears, Orestes can be found near a computer researching video games.


Tire Specialist

Roger, the youngest member of the Paul’s Tires team, is committed to exceeding customer expectations when buying tires. Roger has a love for baseball and soccer and loves to spark up conversation with customers. He can usually be found enjoying some of Miami’s finest Cuban cuisine or exploring Miami Beach.


Warehouse Manager

Mario is responsible for taking care of and managing inventory in the warehouse. Never hesitate to ask him for a tour of the warehouse and to see the different tires that are available – he’ll happily go over the different specifications of each tire and what they can offer you. Mario can be distinguished by his trademark backwards hat and his love for the Miami Marlins and Jose Fernandez.


Used Tire Specialist

Ramon is committed to find you the best and most economical used tires in South Florida. He has been in the tire business for over 40 years and will happily talk to you about making the decision to buy used tires.


Service Manager

Carlos is committed to ensuring that you get the most out of tires by providing you with the highest quality tire service. He’ll walk you through the different services offered such as rotations, balancing, tire repair, brakes, and alignment, and will ensure that you make the best possible decision to keep you car running the best way possible.



David strives to make Paul’s Tires as visible and customer-friendly as possible. He encourages you to check out the website, like Paul’s Tire on Facebook, and give us a review on Yelp! He can usually be found on the phone giving quotes or speaking with customers. David is an all-around South Florida sports fan as well as an SEC football fanatic

Service  Crew

From left to right:
Sergio- Alignment Tech
Christian- Tire Tech
Gustavo- Tire Tech
Raul- Tire Tech
Wilber- Tire Tech
Andres- Alignment Tech

Jose &  Raul

To the left is Jose-Senior Tire Tech

To the right is Raul-ASE Certified Mechanic.

Cage and Aston  

Energy Team

No visit to Paul’s Tires is complete without a visit from Cage and Aston, Ian’s cheering dogs that provide energy throughout the entire workplace. Kids love them, adults love them, and they provide incessant positivity and energy throughout the day. They love petting, attention, and treats – especially Cage.